Cellan Weight Loss Review

Cellan Weight Loss Review - The Real Truth

The manufacturer of Cellan weight loss supplement claims that by taking the pills, you will be able to regulate your food intake and lose weight quickly. The product contains a number of ingredients like green tea, vitamin D, acai berry, maqui fruit, and African mango that combat weight loss and fluctuations in blood sugar. It also has antioxidants that help you feel refreshed and energized as you go through the weight loss process. While these are the promises of the manufacturer, it is best to know how the product is enjoyed or rejected by consumers. With all the weight loss products in the market, you never know which of them actually works. Thus in the succeeding portion, you will be given information on how this product works according to those who tried it.

Sadly, most reviews for cellan weight loss supplement are negative. First, while the product website promises a one-time billing or free trial, most users are surprised to get a monthly bill from Cellan. They say that even if they have already cancelled their subscription or have requested to cancel the monthly bill, the company continues to deduct fees from their credit or debit card. The company also fails to ship some items even though the user already paid. Secondly, consumers hate the fact that the product has no money back guarantee. Companies that are confident on the effectiveness of their products often offer money back guarantees, and for most users, Celan does not really work. Besides these, the product comes with side effects if you are allergic to African mango. In addition, you are still required to control your calorie intake while taking the supplement.

The company claims that cellan weight loss supplement has undergone clinical trials where they found the product effective. They also put words like “natural ingredients” or “tested by doctors” in the product labels to make it seem appealing to consumers. If you come to think of it, natural products should not be in the form of pills. Pills may even contain dyes, starch, or preservatives, and those are not synonymous to being natural. It may be better if you just consume real green tea, berries, mangoes, and foods rich in Vitamin C and B3, since these are the same ingredients of Cellan. Generally, the product may work if combined with daily exercise routines, stress management, and proper diet, but cellan weight loss product itself is not the key to weight loss.

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Last updated: 09 August 2012